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There are a number of websites that offer legal downloads of Commodore 64 software, including games, utilities, and other applications. However, it is important to note that the availability of C64 software for download may vary depending on the copyright holder and the specific terms of use for the software.

One website that offers a large selection of legal Commodore 64 downloads is the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization that works to preserve and provide access to historical and cultural works, including a wide variety of computer software. The Internet Archive’s collection of C64 software can be accessed through the Internet Archive’s website at:

Other websites that offer legal C64 downloads include: This website offers a variety of C64 games and other software that have been made available for free download by their copyright holders.

CSDb: The Commodore 64 Scene Database (CSDb) is a community-driven website that includes a large collection of C64 software, including games, demos, and utilities. Some of the software available for download on CSDb may be freeware or shareware, while others may be available for purchase.

The Homebrew C64 Software List: This website is maintained by the Commodore 64 Homebrew Scene and includes a list of C64 software that has been released by independent developers or hobbyists.

It is always important to respect the copyright holders of software and only download or use software that you have obtained legally.

It is generally not legal to download ROMs or disk images of software for systems like the Commodore 64 unless you own the original physical copies of the software and are creating copies for your own personal use. If you own physical copies of C64 software and want to create ROMs or disk images for use with an emulator, you can do so using specialized software and hardware. Here are the general steps for creating a C64 ROM:

  1. Obtain a device called a “ROM dumper” that is capable of reading the ROMs from your C64 cartridges. These devices are available from some electronics retailers or online.
  2. Connect the ROM dumper to your computer and follow the instructions provided to create a copy of the ROM from the cartridge.
  3. Use a C64 emulator or other software to open the ROM file and run the software.

It is important to note that distributing ROMs or disk images of copyrighted software without permission is illegal in most countries, even if you own the original copies of the software.